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Summer blog tour

Day Five

Wardrobe By Me Blog tour

Introducing THREE very talented bloggers:

Jenny Bowen is regular tester of mine. Se comes from Canada and is a woman with a big heart, and a lot on her mind. As you will see when reading her blog, WBM is not the only indie designer benefitting from her sewing skills. Check out her blog Embrace Everyday and read about the Summer Tulip Top 

Dagbjort Sigurdardottir and WBM is a match made in heaven. I came across her blog last year, and begged her to test for me. From Iceland, living in Norway and with an unmistaken scandinavian style. She uses a colour scheme I refer to as "The Scandinavian rainbow", blue, grey, white, beige, tone in tone patterns and in my (scandinavian) opinion great taste. Check out her Blog By Dagbjort and read about her version of The summer Breeze Tunic

Jodi Christopher Williams has been a part of the testing team for quite some time now. Apart from delivering excellent feedback and great finished product, she is my number one editor, reading through the instructions before testing, pointing out all the mistakes that always seem to sneak in there. So if you find errors in the instructions it's not my fault ;-)...  Check out her Blog Back40life and read about her version of The summer Breeze Tunic.

Everyday two (today three) bloggers will be featured, and at the end of each day we draft a winner of both patterns. If the winner has already bought the pattern (s), they will instead recieve a full refund.

On the final day of the blog tour, a grand winner is selected, and the winner receives patterns from Wardrobe By Me AND our generous sponsors.

Pickel toe patternsItch to stitch patternsChalk and notch patternsBella Sunshine patternsFlossy style patternsDesigner stitch

How to participate in all the good fun? Very easy... Stop by Wardrobe By Me Pattern support on Facebook, and add a comment to the blog link of the day.


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