Draper Polo placket

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Step 5-9 of the Draper Polo placket explained in images.

Press the allowance on placket and facing and pin to the opening. Sew with the least amount of allowance possible. Sew 1cm 3/8" below the cut line.

Draper placket  Draper placket


Sew from the cut edge to the center front on the facing RSF. Trim the seam allowance.

Fold placket extension RSF and sew from the fold to center front notch. Trim the seam allowance.

Draper placket  Draper Placket

Cut diagonally from bottom of cutline to the bottom of the placket seams.

Draper placket

Press and turn the placket. Manipulate the seams and use the iron to get a nice finish. The little crease at the bottom is unavoidable. 

Draper placket  Draper placket

This is the placket as seen from the outside and the inside.


Pin then sew the folded edge of the extension to the body. Topstitch and the placket is done.

Draper placket


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