Women's Skirt Patterns

Skirt patterns

Create your next favorite skirt with our selection of skirt sewing patterns. Choose your favorite fabric, color, and pattern to start your new sewing project. What’s better than creating your own homemade clothes? It’ll fit your size, style, and the rest of your homemade wardrobe.

Skirt sewing patterns

At Wardrobe By Me, you can find the pattern for your new favorite piece. In most of our skirt patterns, you have the choice of whether the skirt should be a short or long version.

It’s pretty normal to think of the skirt as part of a summer outfit. Maybe because it’s often airy and made of light materials – but skirts are not just for the summertime. Skirts can do so much more! Try making a skirt in a warm cozy fabric, and create a dressy and contemporary outfit for the winter.

Try out our Front Button Skirt pattern in a warm fabric and make it a beautiful winter-essential! You can also choose a lighter fabric and sew it in the short version – that way; you'll get a lovely summer skirt. 

A-line skirt pattern

The A-line skirt is a classic and timeless piece of clothing that never goes out of fashion. With our A-line skirt pattern, you can make your own fashion garment that suits your personal style.

The A-line skirt is defined by a skirt fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem. That gives the impression of the shape of a capital letter A – therefore the name.

Support your skirt pattern and other sewing projects with video tutorials

Wardrobe by Me is on YouTube! You will find sewing tutorials for some of our most popular patterns. We sew and follow the directions step by step. Watching and sewing is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and find inspiration for your next sewing project.

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