ADOBE_07f116d3-5e75-4f9a-882a-04088a424a06 - Wardrobe By Me

Aces layers

Open your pattern in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and open the layers in the right hand panel.

Download acrobat reader here
ADOBE2_fc3c8b6c-7e07-4a72-b990-92be20151f16 - Wardrobe By Me

Choose your layers

  • Choose which size(s) to print
  • Choose paper size guides
  • Leave the Titles and Numbers layers on
ADOBE3ab - Wardrobe By Me

printer settings

Choose these settings-

  • Actual size,
  • Paper source by PDF page size
  • Portrait

Print the pattern

ADOBE3abc - Wardrobe By Me

If your print is not to scale

Measure the 2" / 5 cm square and check that it is printing to scale. If it's not, increase or decrease the custom scale.