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**Welcome to Wardrobe By Me**

Welcome to Wardrobe By Me - your ultimate source for contemporary paper sewing patterns. If you're a fabric shop, whether it's a brick and mortar store or an online shop, and you're looking to expand your product offerings by providing high-quality and trendy sewing patterns to your customers, then look no further!

**Quality Wholesale Paper Sewing Patterns**

Our collection of paper sewing patterns is loved by both women and men who enjoy creating their own modern wardrobe. Our patterns are designed to complement fabrics and trims, making them perfect for home sewers who are seeking a fulfilling sewing experience. Our detailed instructions and illustrations will guide you through the process, and we also have a YouTube channel with sew-along videos for a hand-held sewing experience.

**Benefits of Partnering with Wardrobe By Me**

Partnering with us is simple, and the advantages are many. We'll link to your business from our website, and we'll direct our customers to your shop, which increases your exposure and brings in potential new customers. You can see our list of retailers WBM retailers

Wardrobe By Me currently offers 49 paper sewing patterns curated from our popular PDF patterns. We add new patterns 3-4 times a year and guarantee shipping within 24 hours of receiving your order. You can flip through the lookbook here

Wholesale opportunities with Wardrobe By Me are designed to enhance your business and provide your customers with the latest in contemporary sewing patterns. Join us today and elevate your fabric shop's offerings!

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Thank you for considering Wardrobe By Me as your partner for paper sewing patterns. We look forward to working with you!

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