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Sew your own Bucket Hat

It's Fun to sew your own hat!

If you're looking for an easy and fast project, making your own Safari Hat or Bucket Hat is a fun way to turn your sewing mojo back on! You can sew your own hat with remnants, old jeans, create a fabulous new hat to match an outfit or make a statement. Bucket hats are a sure winner when it comes to creating a personal gift, and the fabulous new Safari and Bucket Hat Sewing Pattern is sized such that it fits a 3-year-old head size of 52 cm and fully grown adults with head sizes up to 64 cm.
A small hat and a big hat. We have all head sizes covered in one pattern.

Measure your head and find the right size

To find the right size measure the head at the biggest circumference. Put a finger under the tape measure. Choose the size that best matches your head size, and if you are in-between sizes, you should size up.

What you need to make your own hat

    Take your time, the result is worth it

    If there's one word of advice you need for sewing a good hat, You need to be patient and carefully pin all the pieces together. The different pattern pieces have opposite curves that work against each other. Use many pins, and sew slowly.

    If you want to make a more structured hat, adding heavy interfacing will give your hat more structure.
    Here's an example of how such a hat looks.

    1 comment

    • Shirley Fulton

      On step 2 is the bottom of the band top stitched also? , before it is sewn to the brim of the bucket hat
      I’m not a complete beginner but these instructions are confusing..

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