Grace Dress Sewing Pattern -Women's sizes
Grace Dress Sewing Pattern -Women's sizes
Grace Dress Sewing Pattern -Women's sizes
Grace Dress Sewing Pattern -Women's sizes
Grace Dress Sewing Pattern -Women's sizes
Grace Dress Sewing pattern - Wardrobe By Me
Grace Dress Sewing pattern - Wardrobe By Me
Grace Dress Sewing pattern - Wardrobe By Me
Grace Dress Sewing pattern - Wardrobe By Me
Grace Dress Sewing pattern - Wardrobe By Me
Grace Dress Sewing pattern - Wardrobe By Me

Grace Dress Sewing Pattern -Women's sizes

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This is a PDF sewing pattern.

Create a Feminine and Elegant Dress with Our High-Quality Sewing Pattern!

📜 Pattern Overview

Introducing the Grace Dress Sewing Pattern, a lovely style designed for lightweight woven fabrics. Available in sizes 0-24 / 30-54, this PDF pattern features a variety of feminine details, making it perfect for creating an elegant and stylish dress, shirt, or tunic.

📐 Key Features

  • Pattern Type: High-quality PDF pattern printable in paper formats Letter, A4, and A0.
  • Size Range: Sizes 0-24 / 30-54.
  • Design Elements:
    • Neckline: Gathers on the neckline for a delicate touch.
    • Sleeves: Sleeves with cuffs and shoulder gathers for added elegance.
    • Collar: Banded collar for a polished look.
    • Waistline: Adjustable waistline with a pull cord for a customizable fit.
    • Hem: Choice of straight or ruffled hem for versatile styling.
    • Pockets: Optional pockets for practicality and style.

✂️ Pattern Description

The Grace Dress Sewing Pattern is a versatile and feminine design perfect for creating a beautiful dress, shirt, or tunic. This pattern features delicate gathers on the neckline, back, and at the top of the sleeves. The waistline is adjustable with a drawstring cinch, allowing for a flattering and customizable fit. With options for a straight or ruffled hem and optional pockets, the Grace Dress can be tailored to suit your personal style. This pattern is ideal for lightweight woven fabrics, adding elegance and comfort to your wardrobe.

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🧑‍🏭 Skill Level: 3/4

This dress sewing pattern requires more refined sewing skills. You must sew a collar, sleeves with cuffs, and handle gathers. Detailed illustrations accompany the instructions, and we also have a YouTube sew-along video for additional guidance.

🧵 What You'll Need to Make the Grace Dress

  • Fabric: Lightweight woven fabric.
  • Notions:
    • Interfacing for added structure.
    • Sewing thread.
    • Two buttons for closures.
  • Tools: Basic sewing tools and a sewing machine.

🔧 Pattern Features

  • Printed Pattern: High-quality PDF pattern printable in color.
  • Illustrated Instructions: Includes detailed, step-by-step instructions with clear illustrations.
  • Measurements: Provides both metric and imperial measurements for precision.
  • Seam Allowances: All seam allowances are included in the pattern pieces.
  • Pattern Includes:
    • Layers for each size.
    • Trimless pages for easy assembly.
    • A4 and Letter paper formats.
    • A0 printshop format.
  • Sew-Along Video: Access our YouTube sew-along for additional guidance.
Printing information

To ensure accurate printing, measure the square size

 on the first pattern page and verify your printer's scaling (2" x 2" / 5 cm x 5 cm). For optimal results, utilize A4 or Letter paper formats and print the document via Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free here.

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Create a stylish and comfortable dress with our Grace Dress PDF Sewing Pattern. This pattern offers ease and functionality, perfect for adding an elegant piece to your wardrobe. Start your sewing journey today and craft a unique dress you’ll love wearing. 🌟🌸

For more sewing inspiration and patterns, visit WBM Women’s Sewing Patterns. Happy sewing!

How to Use PDF Sewing Patterns

Thank you for choosing our PDF sewing patterns for your creative projects! These digital PDF sewing patterns offer convenience and flexibility, allowing you to start sewing in no time. Below are detailed instructions on how to download, print, and tape the PDF patterns effectively:

Purchase and Download:

  • Browse our collection of PDF sewing patterns on our website and choose the one that suits your project.
  • After purchasing, download the pattern files to your computer. This process is usually instantaneous, and you'll have your pattern ready to use within minutes.

Print Selectively:

  • One of the advantages of PDF patterns is the ability to print only the sizes you need. This saves both paper and ink, making the process more eco-friendly.
  • Open the pattern file in Adobe Reader and select the specific size(s) you want to print before sending the document to your printer. Download Adobe Reader for free [here].

Easy Assembly:

Our sewing patterns boast trimless pages, a feature designed to streamline your assembly process. With trimless pages, you can effortlessly tape the pages together without the need to trim off any edges beforehand. This not only saves you time but also ensures precise alignment of the pattern pieces. Please refer to the detailed description available [here].

  • After printing, arrange the pages according to the provided layout guide on page three in the instructions book. Use clear tape to join the pages together, ensuring that the lines and markings align perfectly.
  • Read more about taping the pages together [here].

Additional Tips:

  • Unzipping Files: You recieve the pattern in a compressed (.zip) format, simply double-click the file to unzip its contents. This will reveal the PDF pattern files ready for use. Remember to save the files on your device.

Printing Instructions:

  • In Adobe Reader, navigate to the print settings to adjust paper size, orientation, and other preferences before printing your pattern. Ensure that your printer is set to "Actual Size" or "100% Scale" to maintain accuracy. Please find more details [here].

Pattern Support:

  • Should you encounter any difficulties or have questions about using our patterns, feel free to reach out to us directly or join our community on Facebook for additional support and tips. We're here to help you make the most of your sewing experience.

Happy Sewing!

The WBM-team

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Karen Stoeber

I haven’t used it yet.

So versatile

I love all the options I can make with this dress.

I took a star because the written instructions definitely need a little work. If there hadn’t been the absolutely lovely YouTube video I’m not sure my dress would have come out looking as intended. The directions left me scratching my head and questioning my skill level.


Gorgeous sewing pattern!

Corrine Howson
The grace dress

This dress is such a beautiful shape and fit, I did however find the instructions a little less informative than the usual WBM instructions. On saying that I already have another dress and tunic cut out

Michele Oswald
Absolutely Gorgeous

Such a beautiful and classic pattern, with lovely details. The pattern itself is so professionally drafted, and the tutorial makes some of the more technically difficult parts easy to understand. Love this pattern!