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Who needs another fitted T-shirt pattern?

Finding patterns that fit the  curvy figure, can be a daunting experience, or so I've been told. After testing 5 patterns for the curvy figure, I have gotten to work with some pretty amazing women, who not only are great at sewing, but also have been very generous with themselves.

After releasing a couple of dress patterns for the full figure, I threw myself into the challenge of testing a pair of pants. It took time to get them just right, but the result, the Haute Curvy Pants, was worth the effort. I started asking my testers which of my existing patterns was on their wish list, and although I thought that the Savannah shirt, or the Piper Boho tunic was the obvious choice, they kept coming back at me with the Wardrobe Builder T-shirt. At first I was reluctant; Will the curvy ladies really want a fitted T-shirt? Can we pull it off, and make it an attractive look on a full figure?

I'm glad I gave it a go. I asked them what they would say to a friend about the pattern, and here are a couple of statements direct from the horse's mouth:

Patricia Brown MacNeil The pattern has so many options and such a great fit that this should be on your top 3 curvy patterns list. Wardrobe By Me's fit is always flattering and makes me feel like a rock star!

Patricia in her cute striped short sleeve wardrobe Builder T-shirt


Deirdre Moenk It has the perfect curve at the side seams to be fitted, but not squeeze my flub. I like all the options too. It really is the most flattering t shirt pattern I have.

Green and rust red, short sleeved scooped neckline T-shirt

Sarah Beth It's super comfortable, the ruched side hides my lumpy belly and it's got a nice length to it so my bum doesn't hang out when I bend over LOL.

Dragon T-shirt

When I first drafted the pattern, I decided to make a few changes. I was certain, that a deep scoop neckline wouldn't be for the curvy full busted ladies, but here I was completely wrong. The testers hadn't even started testing before I was asked to include a deep scoop. As always, I do what I'm told (but only when it comes from testers), and added the deep scoop back into the pattern. I am glad they insisted! Personally I like the scooped neckline best of all.

White and pink floral short sleeve side ruching and elbow length

Keri Walker I never thought I could pull off a "fitted" shirt until this pattern. I love that it shows my curves and gives me a shape but with the ruching on the sides my problem areas are well camouflaged. An easy sew that will become a staple in my closet.

Side ruching detail

Sofia Henderson You know the "mom look" where it doesn't flatter any curves and the hemline falls right at your extra flub... Well this ISN'T that shirt! It's a great twist on all your everyday looks that flatter the right curves and offer a variety just for me/you!! Comfy and versatile all mixed into one and can easily be whipped up in 30mins or less?


In closing, let me quote Emily Parker: 

The name says it all... it really is a wardrobe builder. You know that feeling of staring at a closet full of clothes but still having nothing to wear? Add a few of these and you will want to reach for it every time.
Blue and white floral Wardrobe Builder T-shirt
The Curvy Wardrobe Builder T-shirt in sizes US 14-24 / Euro 44-54 can be purchased through 5/30-2016 on sale for $ 6,00. Use code "curvy wardrobe" at checkout. 
If you are looking for inspiration for a wardrobe Builder project, you can check out my pinterest board
How to rock your wardrobe builder T with many more tester pictures and other awesome looking t-shirts.
You can find valuable information about choosing the right fabric for your T-shirt in the blog post "Choosing fabric for your DIY project"


  • pat mongraw

    I noticed the curvy t-shirt pattern sizes reads size 24 bust measurement id 48.5 and the garment is 46.25. Is this t-shirt that snug. I’m needing one looser. any suggestions.

  • pat mongraw

    I’m having a terrible time finding 100% cotton knit fabric for t-shirts. I believe I need an interlock but everything has spandex in it. I’m too hot for that, I know it fades eventually and stretches some and I’m ok with that. I’m in Ontario Canada and all we have in town is Fabricland . I’m hoping you have some suggestions and the shipping won’t be too costly if online. Thanks for your help in advance. Pat Mongraw

  • Diane

    All of you look very lovely in your new shirts! Great work Christina and good sewing ladies! They really are so flattering!

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