About Wardrobe By Me

Christina Albeck, Owner and designer Wardrobe By me

Wardrobe By Me is founded by Christina Albeck. Christina has a background as a patternmaker and technical designer for 25 years in the fashion industry.
She designs sewing patterns that fit well and with a broad appeal. Wardrobe By Me is based in Denmark, and the Danish design tradition is evident in the contemporary style of the sewing patterns for women, Men, and kids

Why only make patterns for the fashion industry when there are so many passionate home sewers? I asked myself that question and was blown away when I started researching the market for Indie pattern makers.
I know you have a ton of different patterns to choose from, but what I can give you is not the average PDF sewing pattern.
I'm excited to share my passion for design, fit, and pattern making. I will be building a wardrobe of sewing patterns that will become your favorites. Patterns that can be reused, but first of all, garments that fit. Garments where people will ask you; "where did you buy that"?
Welcome to my wardrobe favorites, the pieces that stay in my closet forever.
I have 20 years of experience as a patternmaker, first in California, where I lived in my 20ties, and later from the Danish fashion industry where I have been working and teaching patternmaking for the past 20 years.

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