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How to make your own jeans!

Make your own jeans

Have you ever scoured through an entire city or spent hours on the internet in search of the perfect pair of jeans? Look no further. With Wardrobe By Me's new jeans sewing patterns, you can easily sew them yourself.
We have created the ultimate classic Jeans sewing patterns for both women and men. We have worked through all details of a classic, long-lasting model.

Find the Men's Five pocket jeans #1 here 

Find the Women's Five pocket jeans #1 here 


Why do we love jeans?

One of the reasons we all love to wear jeans is their versatility. You can wear them all year round and be both comfortable and smart, depending on your choice of top and shoes. Wear them with t-shirt and sneakers, or dress them up with a beautiful shirt and a pair of heels, and you will be comfortable throughout a night of fun. 


With Wardrobe By Me's new jeans patterns, you get a relaxed-classic-original fit with straight legs. Sew your jeans up in as many colors as you like and get a real versatile and valuable addition to your wardrobe. 

jeans sewing pattern  jeans sewing pattern

Last but not least, people tend to think that making a pair of jeans is much more complex than it is, so you can for sure enjoy your friends and family's admiration. A new pair of favorite jeans that fit you perfectly and praise. Not a bad combo. 😊

Our best tips for sewing jeans:

  1. Measure twice, sew once... Check your measurements before choosing your size. Don't asume that you fit the same size as you would in RTW jeans.
  2. Choose your size based on your waist and hip measurements. If you are unsure of which size to make, measure a pair of your favorite jeans along the waistline, and choose the size based on the garment measurements.
  3. Wash your denim before use. Denim shrinks, and it would be sad to go through all the hard work, only to find your jeans have shrunk after the first wash.
  4. If your denim is heavy (12oz and more) you may want to skip interfacing, or use it ONLY on the fly. Test a swatch and see how it turns out.
  5. Use heavy denim thread (such as Gütterman 100) for all topstitching.
  6. Increase the stitch length for topstitching, and use the same stitch length consistently. Test the length before start.
  7. Use a denim or topstitching needle when sewing. Skip the double needle. It doesn't handle the thick fabric and the heacy thread well.
  8. Sew all topstitches from the RIGHT side.
  9. Do not backstitch, but pull the thread to the wrong side and tie the ends together.
  10. Shorten your zipper? This video from LTRL Trend - FashionGuru on Youtube, explains how to shorten a metal zipper.

Most asked question:


  • Are jeans easy to sew? 
Sewing jeans is pretty straightforward, and the most challenging thing is making sure that the topstitches are straight and even. With our step-by-step video tutorial on YouTube, your sewing is hand-held, and you are sure to succeed.


  • Do I need a particular machine?
When sewing jeans, all you need is a regular sewing machine. You can use the zigzag seam to cast over the raw edges or a serger if you have one.


  • What stitch is best for jeans?
You will sew the jeans pattern pieces together with a straight seam and finish the edges with either a zigzag stitch or a serger. We explain everything in the instructions book and even tell you when to zigzag the edges.


  • How about materials and tread?
When making jeans, you need denim or canvas fabric. Check the list below for shops around the globe that have a great selection of denim and hardware for making Jeans. They carry the fabric, hardware, Jeans, needles, and thread you need to sew a perfect pair of jeans.


  • What do I need to get started?

Before sewing your jeans, the most critical decision you must make is your fabric choice.
We have curated a list of international shops that stock a wide variety of denim to make it easy to choose and buy your materials for making jeans. We have also added recommendations from our tribe on Facebook. If you have tips on where to buy good quality denim fabric in your area, please notify us in a comment below. 




Dress Fabrics


Stoff Kontor

Stoffe Hemmers

Slanta Stoffe 


Stoff & Stil 

Sonjas Eko Textil

Sustainable Maker Room



Pronto Moda Tessuti 



Rijs Textiles

Ansje Handmade


Ma Petite Merceri





North America

Denver Fabrics

Britex Fabric

Hyde Park Denim

Nick Of Time Fabric

Mood Fabrics

Emma One Sock

G Street Fabrics

Sewing Studio

Stonemountain fabric

Lafinch fabrics





Black Bird Fabrics


Cloth House Studio

Merchant & Mills.

Croft Mill  

Fabric Godmother

Little Miss Sew n Sew

The Denim Company

Minerva Fabrics

Empress Mills

Joel & Son



Citron Jeans





Tessuti Fabrics 

Sew Active Fabrics

Megan Nielsen


New Zealand

Miss Maude Sewing






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  • Dee ann coker

    Love idea of making jeans! Is there a bootcut option or how to’s? These look like a straight leg.

  • Karey

    I am excited that there is both a men’s and a women’s jeans pattern, as have trouble buying jeans that fit. My waist is 8" smaller than my hip, but my high hip is only 2" smaller than my hip. As a result, women’s RTW jeans have too much difference between high hip and hip for me, so a pair that fits at the hip is too small at the waist.
    Normally I buy men’s RTW jeans, which I can at least get on, but the waist is always a bit too big in my hip size.
    I really need more measurements than just waist and hip to see how these jeans will fit, and whether I should start with men’s or women’s pattern as closer to my proportions. Is there any information about high hip and seat depth in relation to hip circumference, or more information about the block shape and proportions of the men’s and women’s pattern blocks, to help me choose?

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