Women's Pants Patterns


    Women’s pants patterns

    Sew your own pants with our selection of Women’s pants patterns. We’ve got pants templates in different styles so that you can create your own pants for any occasion.

    Our range of Women’s pants sewing patterns covers: 

    • Hepburn pants pattern
    • Wide Relaxed pants pattern
    • Easy pants pattern
    • Pyjamas pants pattern

    … And more to come! Are you looking for Women’s skirt patterns? We have some really pretty and classic skirt patterns. Find the Women’s skirt sewing pattern collection right here

    At Wardrobe By Me, we love that it has become more mainstream for Women to sew! And we’re continuously working on providing you with more Women’s sewing patterns.

    Women's pants patterns for all your needs.

    Are you going for a nice pair of pants with a relaxed fit? Our Women’s Wide Relaxed pants are a classic pair of pull-on pants in woven fabric. Create your summer pants in linen or other light or medium-weight woven fabrics for a delightful fit – perfect for summer days and long evenings outside.

    More of a sweatpants kind of gal? Who isn’t! Sweatpants are nice for relaxed times at home on the sofa or gym-time. A good pair of sweatpants are super soft and comfortable – and with our sweatpants sewing pattern, you can create the perfect pair that suits your style and preferences.

    Women’s patterns are the classic choice.

    With our Women’s Hepburn pants pattern, you can create classic pants that fit exactly how you want them to. Of course, it’s all up to you which fabric and color that suits your style and preferences – but remember the comfort, and choose a fabric with a little bit of elasticity. 

    Support your women's pants pattern and other sewing projects with video tutorials

    Wardrobe by Me is on YouTube! You will find sewing tutorials for some of our most popular patterns. We sew and follow the directions step by step. Watching and sewing is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and find inspiration for your next sewing project.

    Feel free to check out our YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button to get our latest videos in your YouTube feed.

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