Women's Sewing Patterns



    Women's sewing patterns

    Make and create your own Women's clothes with our wide selection of Women's sewing patterns. We've got sewing patterns for many different outfits so that you can make beautiful garments suitable for any occasion.

    Our range of plus-size sewing patterns covers:

    • Women's sweater patterns
    • Women's pants patterns
    • Women's hoodie patterns 
    • Women's underwear patterns

    Are you seeking a jacket for your homemade outfit on a cold winter day?… Please have a look at our selection of Women's jacket patterns. And much more!

    Best Women's sewing patterns

    It is easier to sew for women than you think. At WBM, you can find calm and contemporary sewing patterns for women: Some are classic styles of sewing patterns, and other patterns are trendy – all designed for the needs of a contemporary woman.

    Make beautiful clothes that fit well, are comfortable, and suit your style. At WBM, we work hard to make new women's sewing patterns for you. Whether you are looking for a sewing pattern for a t-shirt, dress, skirt, or jacket, we design new sewing patterns for all your needs. 

    It's great to sew your clothes. You can design your own Women's wardrobe with the proper sewing patterns for women. If you like a fit that adapts to your body contour, use soft fabrics that quickly wrap around your body. That way, you get lovely figure-flattering clothes.

    Support your Women's sewing pattern and other sewing projects with video tutorials.

    Wardrobe by Me is on YouTube! You will find sewing tutorials for some of our most popular patterns. We sew and follow the directions step by step. Watching and sewing is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and find inspiration for your next sewing project.

    Feel free to check out our YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button to get our latest videos in your YouTube feed.

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