Kids Sewing Patterns


    Kids sewing patterns

    Sewing clothes for your kids has become a popular trend and a hobby that many people love – moms to be, mothers, grandmothers, and some fathers! 

    At Wardrobe By Me, we design and develop all the kids' sewing patterns from scratch – and we work hard to make it easy for you to sew. We have many different sewing patterns for kids' clothes to choose from, and we are constantly developing new designs for the collection of kids' patterns. Hopefully, this will make it easy to get started sewing for your children or grandchildren.

    Our range of kids patterns covers:

    • Kids shirt patterns
    • Kids hoodie patterns 
    • Kids jacket patterns
    • Kids pants patterns
    • Kids t-shirt patterns

    … and more to come! 

    The size range of our sewing patterns for kids is 3-12 years. If in doubt, please check our size charts to make sure you create your kid's shirt, hoodie, jacket, etc., in the correct measurements. 

    What girl will not love a homemade t-shirt in her favorite color? And If you have a boy, you can please him with a cool hoodie or maybe a shirt. It doesn't have to be challenging to sew clothes for children, and if you want,  let your children be a part of the decision-making process: Which kids' clothes pattern should you make? Which fabric should you use? What color do they like? And should there be any illustrations on the clothes? E.g., stars, cars, moons, cats, dogs, skateboards, or any other fun illustration. 

    Support your kid's clothes patterns and other sewing projects with video tutorials.

    Wardrobe by Me is on YouTube! You will find sewing tutorials for some of our most popular patterns. We sew and follow the directions step by step. Watching and sewing is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and find inspiration for your next sewing project.

    Feel free to check out our YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button to get our latest videos in your YouTube feed.

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