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Sewing for the Men in your life

There is something very satisfying about sharing your passion for sewing with the love of your life.

We have worked hard over the past year to include a good selection of men's patterns to WBM  collection of PDF patterns. For the guys we have focused on the casual and soft garments, be with the addition of Farfar classic cardigan and Draper polo T-shirt you can now also sew more garments to be worn to work. Hubert Hoodie and Ziggi Zipper Hoodie are must-have patterns if you have young men or teenagers on your sewing list.

We now have several blouses, sweaters and hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants and even a cardigan. The Boxer shorts are a fun and fast project, and believe me... One pair won't be enough for his picky butt!

mens collection PDF sewing patterns

Many have been requesting the option of A0 format for print shop. If you are like me, spending countless hours of taping just isn't that fun! I would much rather be sewing! Consequently, we have included A0 format in all the men's patterns. That way you can spend your precious time sewing rather than taping!

But hey... Sometimes we just need to get started right away, and in my opinion, this is where the PDF patterns are brilliant. You buy, you print and you sew. All the patterns from Wardrobe By Me are layered. This means that you can print out JUST the sizes you need. This also means that you can use the pattern directly without tracing, and it also makes blending sizes very easy as you just turn on the sizes you want to blend. Check out the video to learn how!


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