Paper patterns from Wardrobe By Me

The paper pattern collection consist of 28 designs, chosen among the best selling PDF patterns. The following patterns are available as paper patterns. On Wardrobe By Me's Youtube channel, you can watch and sew many of the patterns in step by step videos.


Asta, Akinori, Mirri, Wanda, Piper, Perfect Tunic, Tulip top, Linea Skirt, Hepburn Pants, Whisper, Balloon Cardigan, Boxy Raglan, Easy Pants, Amelia Bomber, Anna shirt, Lover Yourself Hipsters.


Chino Pants, Cargo Shorts, Tropical Shirt, Ziggy Zipper, Rebel Raglan, PJ pants, Overshirt, Rebel Sweatpants, Jensen Shirt, Boxer Briefs.

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Wardrobe By Me Paper pattern collections

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