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Sewing with Double Gauze

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Have you ever wondered what to sew with Double Gauze or Muslin?

I have been in love with the soft, airy fabric for a couple of years now, and I have purchased several meters of both the soft and wavy kind as well as the smooth surface kind from Nani-Iro and Atelier Brunette.

I LOVE the wavy sort because it is so soft to the touch, but I have had a tough time finding the perfect pattern for Double Gauze. The unstructured nature of the weave makes it hard to use for turning plackets and collars, but the comfort of the fabric against the skin is just outstanding.

Double gauze is simply two layers of gauze combined into one layer. While the lightness and the airiness are preserved, the double layer ads substance without transparency.
The two layers are fused with invisible stitches. The loose weave in both layers makes the double gauze breathable and airy while adding a little weight and fullness to it, and shaping up nicely and with excellent draping properties. Finishing the edges with a zigzag or a serger is crucial, as the fabric is prone to unraveling.

We have designed a new pattern, especially for Double Gauze or Muslin fabric. The Whisper Blouse and Dress PDF sewing pattern is a super simple design, a high-speed project, followed by many days of wearing. It's light as a feather and soft as a whisper. 

Whisper blouse PDF sewing pattern

 Whisper blouse PDF sewing pattern

 I have asked the testers from around the world where to shop for Double Gauze or Muslin. I know you will be able to find Nani-Iro from shops around the world. A simple Google search, " Nani Iro double gauze," will get you there. 

If you are in Europe, checking out FabFab is a must. They have a large selection of Double Gauze fabric and webshops in 15 European countries. 

On Etsy, you can find a multitude of smaller shops offering Double Gauze in just about any shape size and print. This segmented link only shows shops in Europe. You can segment from where ever you are making sure to find a shop where the fabric won't get stuck in customs. Here is what my search on Etsy came up with. 

 In the United States, The Gauze fabric store has amazing Double Gauze Muslin in a variety of densities and a fantastic spread of colors. If you go to their shop on Etsy, they do ship internationally. 

The Funky Monkey, Based in Canada is a beautiful source for Double Gauze Fabric

Finally, I HAVE to mention the fabulous shop in Singapore, Nekoneko. They have a HUGE selection of Double Gauze Fabrics from many different Asian makers. Every time I browse their collections, I want EVERYTHING!

As Wardrobe By Me has customers from ALL AROUND THE WORLD, I have focused on stores that are easy to access from anywhere. From my tiny spot on the globe, Denmark, we do have one shop that I would like to feature. MeterMeter specializes in sustainability and carries fabric and sewing patterns from a wide range of international designers. They ship within Europe. and while you're there, they also carry Wardrobe By Me's collection of paper patterns.

I combed through the Wardrobe By Me Pattern gallery to try and find other patterns that work great with Double Gauze or Muslin. 

       Sille Blouse PDF Sewing Pattern         Perfect Tunic PDF Sewing Pattern 


       Esther Blouse PDF Sewing Pattern

Esther Blouse PDF Sewing Pattern  Esther Blouse PDF Sewing Pattern

Piper Boho Tunic PDF Sewing Pattern

Piper Boho Tunic PDF sewing pattern

As you can see, they are all in the straight flat version of Double Gauze, but Esther Blouse PDF sewing pattern would sew up really nice in the crinkly kind as well.




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