Classic Coat Sewing Pattern - Wardrobe By Me
Classic Coat Sewing Pattern - Wardrobe By Me
Classic Coat Sewing Pattern - Wardrobe By Me
Classic Coat Sewing Pattern - Wardrobe By Me
Classic Coat Sewing Pattern - Wardrobe By Me
Classic Coat Sewing Pattern - Wardrobe By Me
Classic Coat Sewing Pattern - Wardrobe By Me
Classic Coat Sewing Pattern - Wardrobe By Me

Classic Coat Sewing Pattern

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This is a PDF sewing pattern.

A knee-length wool coat with lapels, two-piece sleeves,  two buttons, welt, or patch pockets. The length is just above the knees. The coat has a lining, and there is room for a sweater under the coat.

The pattern  sizes 0-16 / 30-46

Skill level 4/4

Sewing a wool coat requires an advanced set of sewing skills, and you will need to work a lot with your iron and be comfortable sewing a little by hand. Also, it would be best if you had good-quality interfacing that works great with your chosen fabric. 

Classic coat sewing pattern

What you need to make a Coat
  • Wool fabric
  • Lining
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Buttons
  • Shoulder pads
  • Sewing thread
The coat has the following design features
  • Patch or welt pockets
  • Fully lined garment
  • Collar and lapel
  • Two-piece sleeves
  • Pleated lining for comfort
  • Two front buttons
The pattern includes
  • Seam allowances
  • Layers
  • Trimless page
  • Fully illustrated instructions. Some steps with pictures
  • Letter, A4, and A0 paper format
Printing information

Measure the size of the square on the first pattern page and check that your printer's scaling is correct (2" x 2"/"5 cm" x 5 cm). Use either A4 or Letter and print the document via Adobe Acrobat reader. Download it here for free. 


Read a step By Step blog about sewing a perfect welt pocket.


Height 5'8" 172 cm /

Imperial body measurements 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
  Bust 30 31.5 33 34.5 36 37.5 39 40.5 42
 Waist 23 24.5 26 27.5 29 30.5 32 33.5 35
  Hip 33 34.5 36 37.5 39 40.5 42 43.5 45
Garment measurements
  Bust 33 34,5 36 37,5 39 40,5 42 43,5 45
  Waist 33,5 35 36,5 38 39,5 41 42,5 43 44,5
  Hip 34.5 36 37.5 39 40.5 42 43.5 45 46.5
  Length 33.5 34 34,5 35 35,5 36 36,5 37 37,5
Fabric requirements
 Fabric 60" 2.75Yd" 2.75Yd 2.75Yd 2.75Yd 2.75Yd 2.75Yd 2.75Yd 2.75Yd 2.75Yd
Metric Body measurements 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
Bust 76 80 84 88 92 96 100 104 108
Waist  58 62 66 70 74 78 82 86 90
Hip 83 87 91 95 99 103 107 111 115
Garment measurements
Bust 84 88 92 96 100 104 108 112 116
Waist   85 89 93 97 101 105 109 113 117
Hip 89 93 97 101 105 109 113 117 121
Length 88 88,5 89 89,5 90 90,5 91 91,5 92
Fabric requirements
Fabric 140 cm 2,5 2,5 2,5 2,5 2,5 2,5 2,5 2,5 2,5

How to Use PDF Sewing Patterns

Thank you for choosing our PDF sewing patterns for your creative projects! These digital PDF sewing patterns offer convenience and flexibility, allowing you to start sewing in no time. Below are detailed instructions on how to download, print, and tape the PDF patterns effectively:

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  • Open the pattern file in Adobe Reader and select the specific size(s) you want to print before sending the document to your printer. Download Adobe Reader for free [here].

Easy Assembly:

Our sewing patterns boast trimless pages, a feature designed to streamline your assembly process. With trimless pages, you can effortlessly tape the pages together without the need to trim off any edges beforehand. This not only saves you time but also ensures precise alignment of the pattern pieces. Please refer to the detailed description available [here].

  • After printing, arrange the pages according to the provided layout guide on page three in the instructions book. Use clear tape to join the pages together, ensuring that the lines and markings align perfectly.
  • Read more about taping the pages together [here].

Additional Tips:

  • Unzipping Files: You recieve the pattern in a compressed (.zip) format, simply double-click the file to unzip its contents. This will reveal the PDF pattern files ready for use. Remember to save the files on your device.

Printing Instructions:

  • In Adobe Reader, navigate to the print settings to adjust paper size, orientation, and other preferences before printing your pattern. Ensure that your printer is set to "Actual Size" or "100% Scale" to maintain accuracy. Please find more details [here].

Pattern Support:

  • Should you encounter any difficulties or have questions about using our patterns, feel free to reach out to us directly or join our community on Facebook for additional support and tips. We're here to help you make the most of your sewing experience.

Happy Sewing!

The WBM-team

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Great pattern

I used this pattern to make my first ever wool coat. I wanted a classic long blazer style coat. I made a few adjustments including lengthening the coat and adding welt pockets. Turned out beautifully. I made a size bigger than my measurements for a slightly oversized look but it ended up pretty much being my exact size.

Ann Masson
Classic Tailored Styling

This coat pattern has all the elements of a classic tailored coat which means it can be worn anywhere and with anything, casual or dressy. It is quite a challenge to sew but if taken one step at a time very, very rewarding when finished. Good instructions and sizing spot on for me as usual from WBM patterns.

Christine Barton
Simply perfect!

I've been looking for a simple, classic coat for sometime & having made other Wardrobe by Me patterns (Curvy Akinori, Farfar cardi, Curvy Haute trousers) I felt sure it would work if only I could grade up to an 18 successfully. I was not disappointed and along the way I learned some new-to-me techniques! Thanks Christina!

Ilse lemmens
What a coat!

This coat was a fun challenge to make.
Thanks to the detailed explanations and drawings that Christina gave, everything was very clear!
The jacket is fully lined and by using a special lining you can provide additional detail on your jacket.
I now have a beauty of a coat and I'll wear him a lot. Really worth it!

Yet another great Wardrobe by me pattern

This was so rewarding to sew, I loved seeing my coat come more and more together with every step! Wonderful pattern and a great fitting garment! I specially loved the shapes of the interfacing pieces :)